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Infamous 2: Review

Infamous 2: Review

(Warning this review contains possible plot spoilers for the FIRST Infamous, but if you haven’t played the first, why are you reading this anyway? Go play the first then we’ll talk again, tisk!)

Infamous was the first game my Ps3 ever slowly drew into its now ever hungry disc rom. I shouldn’t even have to mention that the game has some special significance for myself, if only for that reason alone. Luckily though for me, Infamous was a great game with some actual good merits, unlike something to the effect of Kane and Lynch, otherwise I would have to remember that for the rest of my life…  Strange though it took me quite a time to bother to get hold of the second one. The reason for this… I am not quite sure.

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Please go check it out and feel free to share your own thoughts and experiences with the game.


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  1. Just stated this the other day. I finished the first infamous a week ago and had to continue the story. It was free to do so (thanks to PlayStation +). Like 2 so far but don’t like how Cole was changed

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