The Modern First Person Shooter: For better or for worse?

As I might or might not have mentioned before, I am now writing for a growing and dedicated gaming website! This is my first non-review article and opinion piece that I wrote for them. I invite you to check it out :).

The First Person Shooter: Slow Evolution or Painful Degeneration


Feel free to comment either here or on the article itself and let me know what your view is on this rather controversial debate!


4 comments on “The Modern First Person Shooter: For better or for worse?

  1. Congrats on the job. I thought you had a lot of good contributions, so it’s cool you can do that even more publicly now.

  2. Thanks! Yes, I am quite excited by it. My first foray into the world of game journalism :P. Thanks for the comment! I am looking forward to the next instalment of an Orc’s life 😀

  3. Great article and well done on the job.

    I would have to side with the ‘Painful Degeneration’ side of things. I prefer the old-school style FPS’ to the modern style which since Half-Life 2 has become ever more dependent on a boring ‘film-like’ style based around predictable scripted events.

    What was wrong with picking up power-ups?
    What is so ‘realistic’ about crouching behind cover and recovering from a million bullet-wounds in a matter of seconds, that they have to remove any sense of ‘game’ from FPS gaming? Does anyone REALLY want to be REALISTICALLY involved in a shoot-out?

    Meanwhile, genuinely fun games like Painkiller, NecroVision and more recently Hard Reset and Serious Sam BFE go ignored while people keep eating up boring military simulators which bring nothing new to the table other than the slow decline of the video-game into ‘interactive cinema’.

    But then, I’m a miserable git, so what do I know 🙂

  4. Thanks for the comment :D!

    Yes it’s quite sad the general direction the fps genre has chosen to take at the moment, but there seems to be hope! Not all games are as bland as those and there are still some that seek innovation. Also we have more recent shooters such as Resistance 3 that have reverted back, with great success, to the more traditional fps mechanics!

    Hopefully this is just a phase the FPS is expieriencing while he is in his early twenties 😀 haha!

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