My 5 most memorable games

I haven’t posted in a while because things have been so hectic over on this side. I ended my second term of Honours and acquired a nice part-time reviewing gig at Lazyassgamer.com <- so go check that out, my posts will appear there soon :D. Anyway, been seeing a lot of gaming lists on the web the last week or so and it got me thinking. What is the most memorable games thatI have played? As I searched my consciousness, I realised this is actually quite a tough question. So many competing names in my head fighting for dominance! In the end I settled on these five in no specific order.

Vampire the Masquerade

Vampire the Masquerade. What more can I say? This vampire based FPS/RPG became an instant hit in its time and it certainly made its mark in my gaming memory. I still have fond and some slightly disturbing memories(haunted hotel and weird photographer dude comes to mind). This game was very epic in its time. Graphic wise, story wise and it did all of this without leaving its sense of humour behind either. I replayed it again somewhere last year, still a great game with the ability to pull you in so much that and you hardly notice the slightly dated graphics at all! Go pick up your old copy and give it another run. You won’t regret it.

Get ready to pay or be payed


My personal turning point in FPS gaming. Bioshock wasn’t just a game it was an experience. The kind of game that stays with you long after the console is switched off. It had an amazing graphics, a great story, innovative and original game play and a few sound moral lessons thrown in just for good measure. Five years down the road it is still a beautiful game and if it was released today it would probably still kick the asses of any of the current FPS releases. Best part of course, Bioshock infinite is on its way and despite its slight delay it promises the same experiences which the first one gave us. We can only pray….

Seems like a bit of a unfair fight Mr Bubbles…

Suikoden1 + 2

Many of u reading this would probably never have played this. Suikoden is a classic RPG game released way back when on the PS 1. I played and replayed this game so many times… The storyline is amazing and the animations timeless, in the manner that it is still pretty too play, even today more than  15 years after its release. The typical epic fantasy game, it has everything you need and, at a time could want to bring you an amazing and addictive gaming experience. Its sequel was just so good and had one of the first features ever where you could import saved data from the first.

Warcraft 2: Tides of Darkness

A Classic if there ever was one! Together with Starcraft and Diablo this game helped put Blizzard in the monolithic position they find themselves in today. This game was innovative for its day, featuring some of the first online features playable on battle.net, that I at least could remember. It dragged us back to the war ravaged lands of Azeroth where war against the humans and Orcs were raging yet again! It introduced naval battle and with this a resource that no other Warcraft game had ever had. Oil! It had personality, a good story and was pretty balanced for its time, if you want to take on your friends. More importantly this game opened up the Warcraft world to what would develop intoWarcraft 3 and a eventually bit later, the big one, World of Warcraft.

Only in Azeroth will you find exploding ice…

Return to castle: Wolfenstein

The sequel to the ultimate classic FPS. Return to castle had many redeeming features to it and very little negative ones. Its graphics were amazing along with its story and game play. If you played this you can surely remember many hours gunning away at Nazi’s, skeletons, skeleton Nazi’s and of course also the occasional Uber Soldat! It doesn’t get better since these later procure guns… This game pushed the limits in many ways including what the board of whatever ratings at the time would allow. No matter though, certainly a modern classic in gaming, if I may use the term and if I didn’t lose disc one of my special edition copy, I would probably be jamming it again at this moment, instead of writing about it!

If he sits on you… Yeah, they tend to try that….

Some worthy mentions:

Elderscrolls IV: Oblivion

American Mcgee’s: Alice

Red Alert 2

Diablo 2


There is my list! Share your thought below on these games or any of your favourites. Why not even post your own top 5 and at me on twitter while you’re at it! 🙂 @BornAgainGamer

Till next time!


18 comments on “My 5 most memorable games

  1. The picture at the top of the post, what game is that?

  2. Nice list! I think my top 5 are… Tomb Raider 2, Final Fantasy 7, Borderlands, Portal, and Bioshock. I mean, there are a whole lot, but those are the ones that come to mind 🙂

  3. If I were forced to narrow it down to just 5 I think I’d choose (in no particular order)
    > TES Oblivion
    > Deus Ex
    > Metal Gear Solid
    > Super Mario Kart
    > Elite

    Tough though, Bioshock would definitely get an honourable mention, along with Red Dead Redemption.

  4. I still need to play red dead, heard some good things about it! Nice list, Oblivion is also a top contender defnitely!

  5. Bioshock is definitely up there for me… let’s see…
    – Silent Hill 2
    – Fallout 3
    – Portal 2
    – Dragon Age: Origins
    – Final Fantasy: Crisis Core
    – World of Warcraft
    – EverQuest
    … aww hell that’s already over 5 >_<

  6. Haha! Surprised you dont have an oblivion among them(noticed a general rpg trend somewhere in there) 🙂

    You played New Vegas yet? Defnitely a good play if you are a Fallout fan!

  7. I’m sort of going against the RPG trend here….

    Uncharted 2
    Mass Effect 2
    Assassins Creed 2
    Batman: Arkham City
    Heavy Rain
    Chrono Cross (PS1)

    and my guiltiest pleasures: Dragonball Z: Budokai 3 for PS2
    : Buzz: Mega Quizz ( I play with my wife, lol)

  8. Arkham city is amazing. I actually just finished it like 2 days ago! Still need to play any Mass Effect but the series is quite high on my to do list.

  9. I’ve never played any of these games but a good post non the less, thanks for the like.

  10. only played bioshock out of this top 5…cool looking games though

  11. They are classics and well worth a play! As far as I know they age pretty well too 😀

  12. This is a tough one. For some reason, almost everything I’m thinking of is from this generation – maybe that just means my memory isn’t what it once was.

    In no particular order:

    Portal – the entire second half the this “puzzle” game when you peak behind the curtain was amazing

    CoD 4 – the single player really did blow me away with the graphics and animations especially, but when you add multiplayer on top of that it was one of the cornerstones of this generation

    CoD Black Ops – this was memorable to me because of how terrible I found everything about it. One of the very few times I traded a game in – got Bad Company 2 and loved that.

    Metal Gear Solid 4 – this one mainly because of the scene where you have to mash the button to get Snake to the end of the corridor

    Goldeneye (on Nintendo 64) – my friends and I spent so many hours playing multiplayer on this it was a little crazy

  13. These are mine anyway:

    1. Pac-Man (what a great game)
    2. Fifa 2008 – So many hours spent playing this game
    3. Splinter Cell Conviction : What a game !
    4. Prince of Persia The Sands of Time
    5. Sonic games in general

    Quite a mixture there I think 🙂

  14. Interesting variety! Never played splinter cell but prince of persia is defnitely a great game!

  15. The longest journey, Portal x, Fallout x, Deus Ex (3), Mass Effect x

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