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My Review: Darksiders

It’s finally here! My first attempt at a legitimate review so let’s see how it goes…

I popped Darksiders into my PS3 and expected something to the likes of Dante’s Inferno or God of War. I was pleasantly surprised though to receive something.. how can one say, much more fulfilling? Having still to play GOW3, please don’t judge, I am going to rate it on its own merits and not in comparison. And believe me, there are many merits from which to choose.

In the game you play the fabled character of War. One of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You get thrown right into the fray and also literally right into the end of the world, as far as biblical scripture is concerned at least. As the introductory movie ends you find yourself in a city enveloped by chaos. Devils and angels are fighting it out in an epic world end struggle and you quickly find yourself in the middle of it as the horsemen has been summoned. But something is wrong, you seem to have only a fraction of the strength you should. This leads to a rollercoaster epic journey through biblical myth and mythology as a age old conspiracy slowly unveils itself.

The storyline itself is well balanced with loads of twists and turns that will keep you interested. The game play itself is fun and pretty much a straight forward hack and slash game to the effect of GOW and Dante’s inferno. Throughout the game you are presented with an array of primary and secondary weapons as well as some handy tools to help you traverse the landscape. Lots of upgrades and customizations are also available, some very useful others not so much. You even have a very Dante  like scythe to cut your enemies into little pieces. One problem that I found in the other two games is the repetitive nature of the fighting. Although fun and enjoyable it does tend to get tedious and almost forces you to take a breather every now and again. With Darksiders I did not get confronted with this problem, mainly due to its unique use of levels and the occasional interesting flying or third person shooter segments. This helps to keeps things fresh and seemingly seems to pop up at just the right moments. Similar to the other two games there are puzzles to solve and tricky terrain traverse and find your way through, but the game mostly succeeds in balancing the challenging and the fun aspects and I enjoyed not having the urge to slam my PS3 through the wall at every second puzzle.

My main problem with the game is the boss battles. Where this game handles the problem of repetition pretty well, here it fails horribly. I actually at one point started dreading boss battles for they tend to be very long and very REPETITIVE. Though most of them aren’t necessarily hard or even too frustrating, the sheer repetition often leads to boredom taking away from the overall good feel the rest of the game present you. Here I am particularly referring to the battle with Tiamat, one of the first and probably the hardest bosses in my opinion. Strangely enough though they do tend to become a little more interesting towards the end and even slightly less repetitive, almost as if the game is learning from its earlier mistakes as you progress. Hmm peculiar o_0.

All in all Darksiders is one of those games that will draw you in and build you up along with its story. By the time you reach the final part of the game, you will be ready for it to end. Not because you want it to, but because it carries you all the way with it to the end and like a good novel or movie and will leave you shivering with expectation, to find out what will happen next. Darksiders fulfils my one ultimate prerequisite for rating a game as great. It leaves me in anticipation, counting down the days and carefully watching pre-order dates for the next one. With action packed game play, interesting and cleverly designed dungeons, a good story line and a sequel following hot on its heels. Darksiders is a must play.

Overall rating 8.5

Feel free to comment below and share your own Darksider expieriences!

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